The RETHINK project is dedicated to research and improve the complex interdependencies of science and society. As part of this research, we are looking at who is writing and talking about science online, whether its scientists, PR-people, journalists, bloggers, vloggers or influencers and how they are doing it. We’re also interested in how members of the public who aren’t experts in science make sense of the science they read or hear about online. And we are trying to figure out whether there is “good” (e.g. trustworthy, reliable and easy to understand) and “bad” (the opposite) science communication and how its quality can be improved.

To make our research results accessible in a simple and easy-to-understand way, we have produced three short videos. We hope you enjoy watching them! 

#1 video: Assessing quality of science communication online

With the science communication landscape changing tremendously, we need to rethink the ways in which we assess quality of science communication online. The video presents results of a study on science communication quality conducted within the RETHINK project.