Italy Rethinkerspace – or getting out of the comfort zone

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On this nice sunny day, 11 members of the Italian Rethinkerspace gathered in a small science centre located at the Trieste train station. Apart from a few lucky citizens who missed their train and were wondering what was happening in the workshop, we were a mix of journalists, researchers and practitioners. Most of the participants knew at least one other person in the room but some were complete newcomers. They really appreciated the opportunity to connect with other scicomm-ers and get out of their comfort zone by connecting to colleagues they don’t usually interact with.

One of the most interesting outcomes was the fact that all three groups, without knowing it, have focused on the same challenge. Even though they framed it in a slightly different way (i.e. language, lack of understanding, efficient communication), all groups choose to focus their discussion on the difficulty of understanding between science and society. Another spontaneous and unplanned activity was the gathering of representatives of the two sister projects QUEST and CONCISE in our Italian Rethinkerpsace, which was the first time we all met.